Seth Alcorn

Seth is smart, intelligent, and knowledgeable. Plus, he knows a lot of stuff. His love of Shakespeare is only out weighed by his love of sweets. In fact, his one dream in life is to bathe in nothing but chocolate sauce and freshly whipped cream while reading JRR Tolkien’s Desserts of Middle Earth.

Unfortunately, he misses out on a lot of socialization with the outside world do to the need to constantly trim and groom his facial hair. 

He also loves cats. 


Jon Milstein

Jon is creative and has a thirst for life and a thirst for wine. When not sailing, skiing or doing some other very white person activity, he can be found picking wild blackberries for his homemade jam. In his free time he ignores hunger, thirst, hygiene and loved ones all in the name of his beloved video games.

Unfortunately, he had a run in with the law that one time and now he is on the lamb using a fake name.

He also loves soup. 


Conor O'Rourke

Conor is young at heart and young at age. He plays by his own rules and is the typical "bad boy," quick to rebel against any authority. He attended a catholic high school, which is where he learned how to pick a lock, make out with hot chicks, smoke a cigarette and to impersonate a member of the clergy.

Unfortunately, his business sense is sub-par and will sign any document put in front of him without reading it.

He also loves peanut brittle. 


Matt Stephan

Matt loves life and he loves his family. He has children and owns at least one minivan. But this responsibility does not get in the way of his whimsy. He never takes anything too seriously, unless it's a glass of good bourbon. At any given moment in the day he can be found watching cartoons from the 80s. 

Unfortunately, he is allergic to many things, including but not limited to: dust, mold, cats, dogs, ragweed, water, tree pollen, plant pollen, people pollen, the color tan and air.

He also loves a Hickory Farms gift basket.