This Virginia favorite is a great place to see some comedy, including improv. Improv groups like Porkchop Volcano, a short-form improv group, will take your suggestions and do something hilarious with them. Enjoy this free way to laugh so hard your stomach hurts at one of the best comedy clubs in the area.

If you like your comedy unscripted, irreverent, and, most of all, free, you should check out Porkchop Volcano at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse.

Between Thursday and Saturday, the Green Room off the main entrance is also a hot spot for the best local and regional stand-up comedians... and guests who show up early enough on Saturday night might be able to catch a set from short form improv troupe, Porkchop Volcano.

. . . the audience was treated to a feature performance by the improv troupe Porkchop Volcano, which was a highlight of the show. The Porkchops offered a lively series of games including a rendition of letters to Penthouse, a fast-paced series of sketches based on audience prompts of fear of heights, a hammer, a hydronaut and tweezers, and a dating game sendup where an audience member had to decide between a woman obsessed with the Popemobile, one bitten by a swordfish, and a man living in a human bubble.
— DC Thearter

Unexpectedly, Porkchop Volcano, out of Arlington, VA, are the highlight of the evening. My head still hurt when I got home later in the evening because I had been laughing so hard. With clearly defined characters and an uncanny chemistry within the group, Porkchop Volcano are a force to be reckoned with. When news soon comes that the votes for the evening’s competition have been tallied, there is a unified disappointment that these four comedians have to leave the stage.
— DC Metro Theater

While their group does not perform any single “typical” show, each performance will consist of a combination of guessing or scene improv games. The show starts at 9 p.m. in the Arlington Drafthouse’s Green Room — its side bar — and begins with a game that will interact with the audience.